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“Beauty is an emotion, an expression”—Dr.TWL

Phygiart Beauty, A Makeover Studio Concept By Dr.TWL

Phygiart Beauty is a makeover studio concept by veteran beauty expert Dr.TWL, a former model turned dermatologist. Dr Teo Wan Lin is an international beauty KOL and host of beauty podcast Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty on Spotify, Apple and Google podcasts. She started modelling at age 19 under the former Elite Models Singapore and later went on to front numerous beauty editorials, advertorials and campaigns for Kose, Maybelline, Fresh Kon, Loreal Paris as well as commercials for Singtel, Tiger Beer, Citibank and CapitaLand Malls as well as Sony Ericsson in Hong Kong/China, to name a few. 

As a board certified dermatologist now, Dr Teo Wan Lin is a respected voice in the asian beauty industry who has collaborated with major beauty brands such as Laneige, the AMORE-PACIFIC group, Eucerin International, Loreal Paris and Skinceuticals, to name a few. She is also the author of several books on beauty, skincare and haircare and the founder of our sister brand Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, a beauty pharmacy headquartered in Singapore. Dr. TWL is regularly featured as an asian beauty expert and is well-known in the Japanese beauty industry for her collaborations with top J-beauty magazine Be-story, under Japan’s largest publisher, Kobunsha. 

Need a new look for a brand new start to the year?

Phygiart Beauty Studio is part of the Dr.TWL brand, a prominent beauty group that also owns podcast and publishing media. Dr. Teo Wan Lin, the founder is the host of a popular beauty podcast on Spotify Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty, which focuses on the art of beauty, found in expressions and influenced by our thoughts.

Your Beauty Mentor 

We are the first makeover studio concept in Singapore to offer holistic photoshoot planning and image consultancy. Choose from one of our value added packages which come with free skincare and makeup from our sister company Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals. All photoshoots are planned and conducted by a highly experienced in-house all-female team in a high quality studio fitted with top-of-the- class photography equipment. Our female photographer is experienced with commercial and fashion shoots and is able to guide you to taking the perfect beauty shot. 

<Our Beauty Advantage>

What makes us uniquely different from all other makeover studio concepts:

  • Expert all-female team with specific experience in editorial, commercial and fashion makeup and photography 
  • High quality studio set-up 
  • Natural, beautiful makeup and hairstyling designed to bring out your best features 
  • Subtle, elegant and stylish 

TREAT YOURSELF BONUS: Director-Planned shoot 20% surcharge for pre-shoot assessment and planning of mood-board (hairstyling/makeup) communicated to hair/makeup team designed for the best beauty photography experience.  By request only, key in order notes “director fee” for availability.

An all-female makeover studio for beauty shots 

Tired of traditional makeover studios that leave you looking like a carbon copy of all others that went to the same photo studio? We are too. This is where Phygiart Beauty makes the difference. Our in-house all female makeup and photography team is used to doing commercial, beauty and fashion shoots. We decided to recreate this experience for YOU, in the form of a makeover delivered by the experts. We know you don’t want to look like you are going to prom, that’s why you must choose us. 

Professional headshots with character

No matter what stage you are at in life, a good headshot is essential to marketing yourself on social media. Need image/branding advice?  Let the Dr.TWL team of experts help you plan your ideal mood board/styling for your headshot. If you are a professional, our team can help create the best image that projects your personality, warmth and professionalism.